Building a Global Community of Advocates for the Rule of Law

The World Justice Challenge is a global competition to identify, recognize and promote good practices and high-impact projects and policies that protect and advance the rule of law. The Challenge compiles a crowd-sourced evidence base for rule of law solutions, raises their strategic visibility, and strengthens an emerging network of rule of law champions.

The Challenge has conducted two cycles in-person in the context of the World Justice Forum in 2019 and 2022, and one cycle virtually in 2021. The competition invites submissions for impactful, scalable, and sustainable initiatives that address critical rule of law challenges around the world in particular thematic categories. Past themes have included access to justice, anti-corruption and open government, accountable governance, and equal rights and non-discrimination.

challenge 2022 winners

In each cycle, the Challenge convenes 30 finalists and 10 honorable mentions from across sectors, including civil society organizations, government agencies, media, and the private sector. These diverse and multi-disciplinary initiatives have tackled a range of rule of law topics, such as combating gender-based violence, promoting environmental protections, safeguarding the right to information, and supporting youth leadership.

Cash prizes go to winning projects that show demonstrable results and promising prospects for future progress, replication, and scaling. The competition also focuses on the role of collaboration, information exchange, and profile building to support all finalist organizations. Once an organization is selected as a finalist or honorable mention they are invited to join the World Justice Challenge Alumni Network, a community of practice that facilitates year-round networking, mentoring, and skill development training for its members.

Infographic about Challenge achievements (countries, applicants, winners)
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