Elizabeth Andersen
Executive Director
Amy Gryskiewicz
Chief of Staff and Operations
Dr. Alejandro Ponce
Chief Research Officer
Richard Schorr
Chief Financial Officer
James van der Klok
Chief of Philanthropic Partnerships
Mark Lewis
Chief of Public Sector Partnerships
Tanya Weinberg
Chief Communications Officer
Daniela Barba
Director of Research on Access to Justice
Christine Detz
Director of Media and Content Strategy
Alicia Evangelides
Director, Rule of Law Index
Alejandro González Arreola
Director of Rule of Law Projects, Mexico
Shakhlo Hasanova
Director of Grants and Financial Reporting
Natalia Jardon
Communications Director (Mexico), Digital Innovation Director (Global)
Lauren Kitz
Director of Engagement
Ana María Montoya
Director of Data Analytics
Enrique Paulin
Creative Director
Srirak Plipat
Regional Director for Asia Pacific
Leslie Solís
Research Director, EU Subnational Project
Ana Cárdenas
Senior Researcher
Lilian Chapa Koloffon
Senior Researcher
Eréndira González Portillo
Team Leader, Mexico States Rule of Law Index
Horacio Ortiz
Senior Researcher in the Access to Justice team
Juan Salgado
Senior Police Reform Researcher
Miguel Contreras
Finance and Operations Manager, Mexico
Debby Manley
Human Resources and Administrative Manager
Stephanie Presch
Social Media and Communications Manager
Erin Campbell
Senior Program Associate
Josh Fuller
Senior Program Associate
Grace Hulseman
Senior Research Associate
Natalia Rodríguez
Senior Program Associate
Avery Comar
Development Associate
Giacomo D’Urbano
Program Associate, QRQ
James Davis
Program Associate, Rule of Law Index
Victoria Thomaides
Program Associate, Rule of Law Index
Estefany Caudillo
Jimena Fuentes
Justice Researcher
Lucía Estefanía González Medel
Selma Maxinez
Alejandra Nava
Gustavo Núñez
Fernando Omedé
Content Strategist
Mario Rodriguez
Santiago Pardo
Data Analyst
Carlos Toruño
Data Analyst
Irene Heras
Graphic Designer
Mariana López
Graphic Designer
Raquel Medina
Graphic Designer
Osvaldo Jimenez
Communications Specialist
Abigail Boyce
Program Assistant for the Engagement Team
Renae Ford
Executive Office Special Assistant
Lauren Littlejohn
Research Assistant
Hannah Rigazzi
Program Assistant, Rule of Law Index
Moss Woodbury
Program Assistant, Rule of Law Index


Lloyd Cleary
Intern, Rule of Law Index
Alexandra Knapp
Intern, Engagement Team
John Cullen
EU Subnational Project Intern
Helen Souki Reyes
EU Subnational Project Intern