Advancing the Rule of Law in Indonesia

19-21 January 2015, Jarkarta

As part of the World Justice Project’s (WJP) work in leading a global, multidisciplinary effort to strengthen the rule of law, the WJP works with local partners to organize individual country workshops that help assess rule of law challenges and opportunities in a national context. In these meetings, WJP convenes leaders from diverse sectors with the ability to make meaningful change, presents in-depth, country-specific findings from the WJP Rule of Law Index, then invites participants to develop practical programs that will strengthen adherence to the rule of law in their communities.

The January country workshop in Jakarta brought together a wide range of invited stakeholders—including leaders from business, academia, civil society and government—from across Indonesia to assess current rule of law challenges and opportunities. Discussion focused on: quality of regulatory enforcement; why the rule of law matters to development (economic, socio-political, and human development); access to justice and dispute resolution systems; and anti-corruption.

In addition to plenary sessions, participants spent time working together in small groups to incubate practical solutions to these challenges. Through a competitive selection process following the sortie, the WJP has also selected five pilot programs that were incubated during these small group discussions to receive seed funding and program support. The WJP will connect participants to the global WJP network, online communications platforms, and other resources as needed to continue momentum from this dialogue.


Selected Programs from Indonesia